Getting DropBox to work with SELinux

Recently Serge mentioned DropBox to me, and I remembered creating an account once but haven’t used or installed it in the last 2 years. These days you also get lot more free space with your DropBox so I decided to start using it again. So I started installing DropBox using the rpm from their website, but got an SELinux warning. Setroubleshootd perfectly explains what’s going on and the solution is trivial.


So today I went for the second time to sit the RHCE exam. This time the results were better then earlier. RHCT components score: 100.0 RHCE components score: 100.0 RHCE certificate number : 805010290454578 The instructor mentioned that this was probably one of the last exams based on RHEL5. Anyways, I’m glad I made it this time…

Fedora 14 Release party

The date for the Belgium Fedora Release Party has been set. A bigger (as in “print this and hang it up in your office”) file has been attached. Large image

LOAD dinner

Yesterday evening we had a dinner with most of the LOAD organizers to catch up and have a nice get together. On the other hand we wanted to discuss some things regarding LOAD. One of them was if we all wanted to organise a second edition of LOAD, and i can already tell you there’ll be a second edition of LOAD. For now that’s the only thing that’s certain. Date, location, talks, … are still undecided although the location will probably be the same.

Fedora 13 Release Party @ hackerspace Ghent

This time the Fedora 13 Release Party took place in the Hackerspace in Ghent, called WhiteSpace. As i arrived in the street where the Hackerspace is located i noticed someone who was also at the previous Release party. A few minutes later biertie arrived with a big Fedora banner and signs to hang up so people would find their way to the HackerSpace (quite handy since the venue was like a small labyrinth).