Fedora 13 Release Party

With imminent release of Fedora 13, there’s also a release party scheduled. fedora 13 release party flyer

Failed RHCE

Last Friday I took the RHCE exam. Unfortunate i didn’t pass the RHCE part of the exam. These where the numbers I received : RHCT components score: 100.0% RHCE components score: 62.5% All I needed was an extra 7.5% to pass the RHCE part of the exam (70% is the required minimum). If I had some extra time to get everything finished I might have made it. You really have no time to look up stuff if you’re stuck somewhere.

Linux Open Administration Days

Loadays has ended and I found it was good. During the week of LOAD we did the wireless network setup using Linksys WRT/WAP54* devices. We actually expected problems, but beyond some little hickups the wireless worked quite well (Gryp’s megamachine had probably something to do with it :) ). On Saterday we setup the projectors and power outlets so the event could start. After some time the first speakers showed up for breakfast provided by the school where LOAD took place.

LOAD countdown

Just 10 days left until LOAD ! After a few weeks of planning, meeting and arranging stuff it’s almost there, the Linux Open Administration Days. This week the schedule got finalized and it looks rather good. There’s a lot of differend stuff like open spaces, tutorials, regular talks,… On Saturday evening there’s a social/beer event not far from the event venue (it also has some pizza’s involved). I hope i’ll see you there !

R.I.P. Remco

Our Rottweiler passed away a few weeks ago. So I’m posting this as a way to remember him.Remco, you’ll be missed. I’m sure they’ve spaghetti sauce in dog heaven.