My blog is running on Drupal

I moved my Wordpress Blog to Drupal. Not that Wordpress is bad, but I’ve to create some websites and I’m planning on using Drupal for them. So this is a good way to get the hang of it.

Event advertisement

I made some advertisement @work.

Dust cleaning on Thinkpad

Fan started to make some strange noises. After some dust removing all is fine agian.

Routed Xen setup

Yesterday i needed to setup a Xen machine where only the MAC address of the host (dom0) was allowed by the firewall. Because of this, a bridged setup could not be used since all domU’s will be using their own MAC address. So i needed a routed setup instead. That way the host (dom0) will be used as a “router” for the domU’s and the firewall would only see the MAC of the dom0 host when communicating.

LOAD logo

I created a logo for the LOAD event. This is what i have for now, but I’ll probably make some other designs to. If you’ve comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to put them here.