F13 : I voted

I voted for Gloriana.

Fedora 12 release party 2

Yesterday was the Fedora 12 release party in Antwerp (Belgium). It was held at the Don Bosco school which had a good infrastructure for this event. A nice room, drinks, food, network, … So, thanks to them for providing this in their spare time ! I came a little earlier because I needed to setup a pxe server so people could get Fedora 12 installed on their machines if they wanted.

Fedora 12 Release Party 1

Fedora 12 has been released, and for this there’s a release party being held (probably the first Fedora release party in Belgium). This will be a relative small event where the focus lies on getting together. You’ll also have the opportunity to install Fedora 12 on your machine. More info on the Fedora Wiki.

RHEL SSL certificate error

Yesterday i had a machine that wouldn’t register with the red Hat network. It gave me the following error : “The SSL certificate failed verification”. After some searching i noticed that the machine was still living in 2001, so all i had to do was set the time right.

Auto create home dirs with Samba

If you’re using Samba to provide network shares to your users, it might be usefull to autmatically create the their homedir when they access it the first time. This can be done by adding this line to the [homes] directive : root preexec = /usr/local/sbin/mkhomedir.sh %U This is the mkhomedir.sh script itself : #!/bin/bash if [ ! -e /storage_users/DOMAIN/$1 ]; then mkdir /storage_users/DOMAIN/$1 chown $1:"DOMAIN+Domain Admins" /storage_users/DOMAIN/$1 fi exit 0