Thesis : anti spam by MTA selection

I’m publishing the Thesis that I and my fellow student Joost Ringoot made for our Graduate training in evening school. It might be useful to someone. Projectwerk_2008_AntiSpam

Slow DNS resolving

The other day one of our internal DNS needed to be shut down for maintenance. During that time people complained about slow responsiveness of the applications running on our RHEL machines. Because the DNS maintenance was the only change we made at that time we started looking in that direction. As it turned out, it seems that Linux is trying to contact the first DNS server in the resolv.conf file for every DNS query.

Keep VPN Connection alive

Recently i had a VPN connection with OpenSwan that didn’t stay alive. Adding the following option to the config fixed it dpdaction=restart

Wordpress on LightTPD

I’m running this blog on LightTPD now. It runs a lot faster now on my 64MB VPS.


I switched from Typo to Wordpress . I thought it would run a little faster on the 64MB VPS i use on my server. But WP uses MySQL as a backend and that doesn’t really help. Apache is also quite a memory hog on systems with low memory, but with some Apache and MySQL tuning my blog isn’t going OOM anymore :). I guess Apache and MySQL are a little to heavy on resources.