Typo with Phusion Passenger

I’m running this blog now with the Phusion Passenger mod for Apache. Normally this Apache directive should be enough to start your rails app. VirtualHost *:80; servername mydomain.tld documentroot /var/www/html/typo/public /VirtualHost&gt;</pre> I had to change it to the following though to get it to work. VirtualHost *:80; servername mydomain.tld PassengerEnabled on documentroot /var/www/html/typo/public /VirtualHost

An item with the same key has already been added

When you try to export a virtual machine and get the following error : "An item with the same key has already been added’. There is probably a snapshot attached to the Virtual Machine. You can’t export the VM with snapshots you’ve got to remove them first.

Installing Fedora 11

During the installation of Fedora 11 on my laptop, the installation process did a suggestion for a hostname. I swear i didn’t enter anything myself …

VMWare vSphere

 Today i attended a VMWare vSphere event. I was waiting for the fist one who mentioned the "Cloud" word, as this is the buzz word these days. I must say, this didn't take long :) There was a whole presentation of the new VMWare vSphere product that they claim is "the best platform for building cloud infrastructures". During this presentation i could see the resemblance with the older (but still used) mainframe technologie, and how we're going back to this sort of infrastructure.